Cryptocurrency Is A Bubble?

Bitcoin reached a maximum in recent weeks reached 2700-3000$. After takeoff a little fell but continues to be at a very high level.
Looking at the bitcoin schedule, anyone can recognize the symptoms: up like a rocket, and down like a stone.
The new financial instruments are the authors of financial bubbles. Thus, no one knows how they work, and few can evaluate them correctly. In any case, panic greed makes it all controversial.
Is this the bubble that will burst? This is unknown. There will always be bubbles, their history is full. Greed pushes out bubbles, and when people see that destinies are made because they apparently do not do anything, they eventually jump blindly to get while it goes well.

All previous bubbles had another interesting feature: if they are a big market share, if they are ‘rich’ they cause a terrible crash and destroy civilizations and societies and lead to empires in ruin, etc. They are highly dangerous when they are really big bubbles.

Another bubble!

Bitcoin price now!

So, which price do you think it will hit first?
1. $5,000
2. $1,000


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